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Our 100% Coverage Guarantee

Choosing which company to work with when implimenting a new wireless network can be a minefield. A flawed design or poorly installed network can lead to a heavy decrease in productivity which in terms leads to loss of revenue. To help make your decision simpler we have developed our own unique four step system to give you peace of mind and to ensure your new warehouse wireless network outperforms your every expectation.

Any customer that follows our tried and tested four step system recieves our 100% coverage guarantee for their warehouse.

Prior to commencing the survey and design process we work with you to clearly identify the areas you require wireless coverage within. After the installation, should you find that your wireless network is not providing the coverage that was requested, we will undertake as much work as is necessary to fix the coverage gaps at no extra cost to you. This unique guarantee sets us apart from the competition and hopefully serves as an indication of how confident we are in our solutions.

For more information about our Coverage Guarantee please call, email or fill out the contact form on this site.