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Handheld Scanners

Handheld scanners are a vital part of most warehouse stock control and inventory systems. Because of this it is incredibly important that they are able to communicate efficiently with the wireless network. Staff using these scanners can often find themselves in any area of the warehouse at any height. It is vital that no matter where the scanner is carried to, it always maintains a stable and seamless connection to the wireless network.

Often the handheld scanners are the weak link in the chain. Many of them still operate on the dated 'Wireless G' technology and due to their compact form they often have very poor antennas built into them. Our survey and design process will always take into account the limitations of your particular scanners and design your network accordingly. The result is a reliable high performance network which is able to support the older handheld scanners while also being ready for the latest 'Wireless N' technology should you choose to upgrade them in the future!